Ongoing Projects

We champion developing quality software and innovations for socio-economic development following user-centered approaches with particular interest and expertise in mobile health technologies as well as technologies that can serve the traditionally underserved populations such as girls, women, children and the poor.

My Mobile Wallet: An Intervention to Support Access to Tuberculosis Care and Medication Adherence in Rural Uganda.

Aim: Improve TB Medication adherence using real-time adherence monitoring technologies supplemented with financial incentives.

Duration: 01/07/2021-30/06/2026

A Novel Community-based Mobile Health Intervention to Support Motherhood among Vulnerable Adolescents and Young Mothers in Uganda (PI: Musiimenta).

Aim: To develop a research strategy focusing on the implementation and evaluation of a strategy to support adolescents in pregnancy and motherhood through mHealth and community-based mentoring in South-Western Uganda.

Duration: 01/01/2023 – 30/11/2024

Digital Agripreneurship Innovation to Enhance Post-Pandemic Resilience among Refugee Women and Youth in Nakivale Refugee Settlement, Uganda (PI: Musiimenta)

Aim: To enhance post-pandemic resilience among refugee women and youth (15-35 years) in Nakivale refugee settlement through digital and agripreneurship capacity building, access to modern agriculture information, and start up capacity in form of agriculture inputs.

Duration: 01/02/2023 – 01/02/2025